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Bale Mountains

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The Bale Mountains (they are also known as the Urgoma Mountains) are a range of mountains in the Oromia Region of southeast Ethiopia, south of the Awash River.

The Bale Mountains comprise:
• Tullu Demtu, the second-highest mountain in Ethiopia (4377 meters), and
• Mount Batu (4307 meters)
• The Web River, a tributary of the Jubba River, rises in these mountains east of Goba
• The Bale National Park covers 2,200 square kilometers of these mountains

Many Ethiopia’s endemic animals shelter in The Bale Mountains. These include:

• The Ethiopian Wolf, found on the Sanetti Plateau, which is the highest moorland in Africa.
• The Harenna Forest, situated to the south of the mountains which is a largely unexplored area thought to contain many undiscovered species of reptile as well as lion, leopard and various types of antelope.

In addition to wildlife the Bale Mountains National Park offers exceptional trekking opportunities from the park headquarters at Dinsho.

Dodola is a useful base for traveling around these mountains. Dodola is the gateway to the Bale Mountains, one of Ethiopia’s most important attractions in the south-east of the country.

The mountain trekking destination of Dodola has been developed only recently. Tour guide books have not yet started referring to it.

Think about it as a genuine ‘insider’ tip-off. Whether you are operating tours in Ethiopia or traveling on your own, including Dodola in your program is highly recommended.

Expand your image of Ethiopia further than the historic northern route and the southern tribes diversification.  Complete your impressions on Ethiopia with a exclusive experience of great mountain forests, perfect streams, etc.

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