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Ras Dashen

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For many Ethiopia is seen as dry and sandy land. But in contradiction this country is full of wonderful mountains of which one is Ras Dashen (alternatively Ras Dashan or Ras Dejen). It’s the highest mountain in Ethiopia.

Ras Dashen

The widely-quoted elevation of 4,620 metres is inconsistent. A more recent DGPS Franco-Italian survey measured a slightly higher elevation of 4,549 metres, which agrees more closely with the most recent elevation supplied by the Ethiopian mapping authority.
Ras Dashen is the highest mountain in Ethiopia, and the highest of the Simien range, a group of eroded mountains that rises gorgeously from the surrounding 9,000 foot plateau in northern Ethiopia.

Despite the overall high elevation of Ethiopia, the Simien range is the only place in the country that is regularly snow-covered in Winter.

Though there are no active volcanoes today, the mountains are composed of basalt volcanic rock.

In the midst of the Simien range, Ras Dashen is a cluster of nine rocky peaks. The mountain trails of the Simien Range are dotted with many small agricultural villages.

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