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The outer lowlands of Ethiopia

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The outer lowlands of Ethiopia are to the west of the western highlands, and to the east and south of the south eastern highlands.

Areas of ancient crystalline lowlands, in northern Eritrea, northwestern Welega and southern Borena, have inselberg topography, isolated hills scattered over the well-developed plains.

The Baro-Akobo basin forms a vast, flat lowland area in western Illubabor. In the lower course of the Baro river and its tributaries the water does not flow during the rains but forms extensive impassable swamps and marshes.

The lower Omo and Kibish basin are south of the Maji and Korma highlands on the northern shore of the Lake Rudolf. Much of this area is swampland where the Omo river enters this lake.

(Source: National Atlas of Ethiopia)


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