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The south eastern highlands

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The south-eastern highlands include the highlands of Sidamo, Bale, Arsi and Harerge. The highlands in this region are made up of volcanic rocks, but where the rivers cut deep, crystalline rocks are exposed.

The South Eastern Highlands have high mountains on their western rim, but no clear-cut boundary to the east, for they have a continuous slope running from the highest peak, Mt. Batu (4,308 metres), towards the south-east lowlands.

The areas of higher land are separated by the Wabe Shebele and the Genale rivers and their tributaries. Within the areas of higher elevation are found remnant, flat-topped tablelands known as ‘Ambas’ and jagged peaks isolated by river-eroded gorges and ravines.

The highest peaks in the country are in Gonder Region. Ras Dejen (4,620 metres) is an example. 44% of the high peaks of over 4,000 metres are found in this region.

The Afar Hills are limited in area and altitude but form a different region because they are at a higher altitude than the adjacent Afar lowlands.

This range of mountains is an isolated region stretching from the Gulf of Zula to the northern part of Djibouti Republic. The Afar Hills have steep sides and deep valleys and some volcanic peaks rise to an elevation of about 2,500 metres.

Among the significant lowland area are the central lowlands of the Rift Valley and outer lowlands surrounding the highlands.

(Source: National Atlas of Ethiopia)